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On March 31st, from 12 to 3 PM, we celebrated Hygge’s anniversary with a ‘Soulful Sunday’ Charity Brunch. This special day also fell on Easter Sunday, bringing an extra layer of joy and community spirit as many gathered here for a celebration that went beyond the ordinary.

Our buffet à la carte menu was a hit, offering a variety of flavors that everyone enjoyed. Sharing dishes and stories, attendees experienced the joy of a meal that goes beyond just taste—it also helped those in need. A portion of every meal’s cost was donated to charity, making each bite count towards a greater cause.

The event was made even more memorable with live jazz performances from Ronald and Claudia, setting a lively yet cozy atmosphere. It was the perfect backdrop for enjoying the food and company, making the brunch truly soulful and fitting for the Easter celebration.

What made the Soulful Sunday special was its purpose. Beyond enjoying a lovely brunch, we all contributed to supporting our community through charity, making the day meaningful in more ways than one.

Thank you to everyone who made it to the Soulful Sunday Charity Brunch. Your participation made a difference, and we’re grateful for the sense of community and generosity. If you missed this one, don’t worry – there will be more events like this. For future event updates and reservations, follow us on our Instagram or Facebook, or contact us via WhatsApp at +6011-5853 5663.

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